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Littleartur or its partner service providers may use cookies or other tracking / tracking / automatic data collection technology to store
information to provide you with an improved, faster and more secure experience.
This policy (hereinafter the "Policy") of cookies is intended to help you better
understand these technologies and the use we make of them.
Cookies are small text files (most often composed of letters and numbers), stored
in the memory of your browser or device when you visit a website or view a
They allow a website to recognize the browser or device. Like most sites
Web, Littleartur.cz uses technologies, mostly, through small data files
stored on your device that allow us to save certain information when you
visit or use our Site.
There are several types of cookies:
- session cookies: they expire when the browser is closed and allow us to
bind your actions during this particular session,
- Persistent cookies: they are stored on your device between sessions of
navigation and allow us to remember your preferences or actions on multiple sites,
- Proprietary cookies: they are issued by the site you visit,
- Third-party cookies: they are issued by a third-party site, separate from the site you visit.
Our cookies have different functions. They can :
1. Being necessary to the operation of our services,
2. Help us improve our performance,
3. Offer you additional features,
4. Help us to offer relevant and targeted advertising.
We use cookies or other similar technology tracking that remain on your
device only during the opening of your browser (session cookies), and cookies or
any other similar technology that stays on your device for a longer period
(persistent cookies)

Third-party cookies
Analytical cookies
Littleartur.cz may use cookies or tracers allowing it to evaluate the performance of the Site,
its applications, services and tools, particularly in the context of analytical practices, to help it
understand how visitors use the Site, to determine if you have interacted with
messaging, to detect if you've viewed a product or link or to improve the content of its
Site, its applications, services or tools.
Littleartur.cz uses the services of Google Analytics to analyze navigation behaviors.
For more information on the use of the data collected by Google Analytics, we will
welcome to the following page: https://policies.google.com/privacy/partners?hl=en.

Social Media Cookies

Littleartur.cz Services may include third-party apps to offer you the ability to
share content on social networks.
Certain features of the Site, services, applications and tools are at your disposal
only through these cookies or tracers.
You can block, delete or disable these technologies if your browser or device
However, the refusal to use these technologies may result in the unavailability of certain
functionality of the Site, certain services, applications or tools. It can also be you
asked to enter your password more frequently during your browsing session if
use of the Site requires the creation of a user account.
For more information on blocking, removing, or disabling these technologies,
check your browser or device settings.
Cookies or plotters can be disabled or deleted using tools available in the
most browsers. Since each browser offers features and options
different, the preferences of each of the browsers you use will have to be defined
Here's how to control or prevent the registration of cookies or plotters:
1 / if you use the Internet Explorer ™ browser
In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, click Internet Options, and click the tab.
"Privacy" and the "Advanced" button to bring up the "Settings" window.
advanced privacy ".
Then tick the box "Ignore the automatic management of cookies" and select then
"Decline" in the "Third Party Cookies" column.
2 / if you use the Firefox ™ browser
Go to the "Tools" tab of the browser and select the "Options" menu
In the window that appears, choose the tab "Privacy" and set the menu "Rules of
by choosing "Use Custom Settings for History."
In the menu, you can choose to un check the box "Accept cookies" or, to choose
"Never" in the drop-down menu titled "Accept third-party cookies".
You can also, by clicking on "Show cookies", locate the files that contain the
name "littleartur.cz", select them and delete them.
3 / if you use the Safari ™ browser
In your browser, choose the "Edit" menu and then "Preferences".
Click on "Security".
Click "Show Cookies" .Select the cookies that contain the name "littleartur.cz" and click "Clear" or "All
wipe off ".
After deleting the cookies, click on "Done".
4 / if you use the Google Chrome ™ browser
Click the Settings menu icon and then click "Show advanced settings" (located at
bottom of the page).
Then click on the "Content Settings" button and then check the box "Block cookies and
third-party site data "and then click" OK "to validate your choice.
You can also click on "View all cookies and site data", then
search from the word "littleartur" in the search bar at the top
right. You can then choose the cookies you want to delete or click on "All
remove ".
5 / if you use the Opera ™ browser
Open the "Tools" or "Settings" menu and select "Delete private data";
click on the "Detailed Option" tab, then choose the desired options or follow this link: